.SO Domain Name Registration Policies

All domains registered under the .so, .com.so, .edu.so, .gov.so, .me.so, .net.so and .org.so namespaces are governed by the .SO Domain Name Registration Policies.

The latest version of the policies is version 1.1 and is available here: dotSO Domain Name Registration Policies_v1.1.pdf

Grace Periods

The .SO registry implements the following grace periods:

Add grace period (AGP): 5 days

Renew grace period: 5 days

Transfer grace period: 5 days

Autorenew grace period: 45 days

Redemption grace period (RGP): 30 days

Pending delete period: 5 days

Domestic Pricing

To encourage the development of the Somali ICT Sector, SONIC makes .so domains available to Somalis at a lower price from the Somali registrars based in Somalia.

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